109 – Those Tender Years

Those dr600-86536953-sad-boyeams of days gone by
The days that seemed to fly
The days without a care
The days we used to share
It only takes a moment and they’re no longer here
We can never return no matter how much we care

Oh how I miss the long ago!
The places we used to go
The times we spent alone
The special moments only we have known
I miss the me and you
And the things we used to do

But that was once upon a time
When I was yours and you were mine
And we were lovers, just we two
When nothing else mattered, but me and you

Now you are gone and I’m left alone
To remember each moment on my own
And as each twilight slowly appears
I see your memory through my tears
Oh how I miss those tender years
“The saddest thing is to be a minute to someone
When you’ve made them your eternity”
Sanober Kahn

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