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263 Life

When I pick up my pen’
It’s yesterday again
It’s yesterday for sure
The days that are no more

Though they never returned
There’s one thing I’ve learned
They never depart
When locked in the heart

The days of youth
And foolish things
The days cut short
What age brings

Age follows youth
Sage follows age
A bitter-sweet life
Every time you turn a page

Who knows when or where
Bitter meets sweet?
What causes them to meet?
Why has one forsaken one
And not the other?
Is not life a dash(-)
Between the day you’re born (-)
And the day you die?
You cannot extend your life
No matter how hard you try

“Life’s not so short
I care to keep
The unhappy days
I choose to sleep.”

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264 – Whistling in the dark

The flame has dwindled
Leaving only a spark
Does it still rekindle?
Or am I just whistling in the dark

You loved me once
Will you love me again?
The burn has left its mark
Am I still whistling in the dark?

Up from the ashes
Rises a flame
A burning desire
A consuming fire
Or just a brush?
What a bust
Finding myself whistling in the dark

Wil the phoenix rise?
Only to recognize
That love is a compromise
I wasn’t willing to share
A twist A lark
Will I forever be whistling in the dark?
‘Tell me darling is there still a spark?
Or only ashes of the flame we knew.
Should I go whistling in the dark?…”
Lyrics from
“Serenade in Blue”


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265 – Bury Me Not

Bury me not with strangers
Don’t leave me among the unknown
Who never knew my name
In a land which I do not claim

Take me to where I belong
A place I call my home
To lay where my ancestors lie
And receive my welcome good-bye

No one should die
And not be remembered
No one should perish
Without being recognized
Memories last
Till time has passed

Few and short are the days we are given
Mortal men leaving only their names
Peace and rest but not for the living
To a place where names are acclaimed
“We bury love;Forgetfulness grows over it like grass:
That is a thing to weep for,not the dead.”
Alexander Smith

“O Time the fatal wrack of mortal things,
That draws oblivion’s curtains over kings;
Their sumptuous monuments,men know them not,
Their names without a record are forgot,
Their parts, their ports, their pomps all laid in th’ dust
Nor wit nor gold , nor buildings scape time’s rust;
But he whose name is graved in the white stone
Shall last and shine when all of these are gone.”
Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672)

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226 – Sempre Fine

When does love begin?
When does love end?
Is love forever?
Or never- ever?

Past present future
Yesterday today tomorrow
It’s here where forever lies
Where love forever abides

Is love?

Does love’s arc
Ever parallel your reality?
Does the past
kiss the present?
Does the preset
Hold the future?

How long does your forever last?
Is there a forever and a day?
Ageless love
Timeless love
Un sempre per amore
Sempre fine
ti amore per sempre

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025 – Another Place Another Time

She watched me off with another
A longing in her heart to be my lover
Her lips remained silent her eyes an occasional glance
A love denied never a chance
The pain of remembering A love locked away
A love in limbo promised for another day
Tears kept in a bottle dreams kept on hold
Solitary nights thoughts without ever so cold

A love that lingers is a love forever
It never forgets to remind
For unforgotten love is a love forever-never
A lover’s haunt played in rewind

Over time the heart remains fast
It carries love’s burden always in mime
Memories and dreams locked in the past
Waiting for the moment to come together
Another Place Another Time

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021 – A fool’s Love

Am I a fool for still loving her?
I was a fool for handing her my heart
Maybe it’s because I loved her too much
To love her any less wound tear me apart

I grieve for a love I can never have
A love that I once held in my arms
A love that only a fool would understand
A special love between a woman and a man

Fools hold on to dreams to beautiful to last
Never knowing in their hearts that they may pass
Fools hold on to love no matter how it seems
To let go would leave an emptiness full of forgotten dreams

Although A fool soon learns that with love comes pain
A fool’s heart will still go on
Searching for another love to dream of
For without love a fool’s heart cries in vain

But fools sometimes turn wise
Playing games that only wise men play
But they soon realize
That a fool’s love is the only love that survives

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225 – Love and Life

Hold on to love
The poets say
For like water
Love and life
Just drift away

How do you keep the love from fading?
Time doesn’t heal as they say
Time only moves love further away
Leaving remnants of love’s decay

Life will cease
Thoughts to descend
To a place unknown
To a place with no end
Where love dies
Only to be born again

Mortality is bitter
Life paralyzing
When love’s not realized
It flows into eternity
There to remain
An unfulfilled memory
No longer to sustain

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162 – Life’s Expiration Date

When the twilight appears
And the day’s put to rest
Your thoughts are your own
To ponder alone

No one talks about it
As if it’s taboo
That mortality that
Lives inside you

You awaken to that deep darkness
The darkness that follows
The darkness that swallows

You wake up in a cold sweat
You cogitate on the sound of your last beat
The sigh of your final breath
But it will keep
You put it to sleep
For it can wait
Life’s expiration date

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118 – What do we do?

What do we do when it’s no longer there?
The love the two of us shared

What do we do with the memories we made?
The ones that linger on, the ones that never fade

What do we do with the dreams left behind?
The ones that were yours
The ones that were mine

What do we do with the time on our hands
When we no longer share each others plans

What do we do when time lies?
When destiny rules
When fate distrusts
In our hearts they can never take away
Those things from us

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098 – Loving Two

Loving one is beautiful
Loving two is grand
Never dreamt never planed
But to whom do you offer your hand?

No one lives with an indecisive heart
A procrastinating heart will tear you apart
Torn between, you soon discover that
You became a disenchanted lover
You realize to discern is something you have to learn
It therefore becomes no surprise when you surmise
Holding on to two is hard to do
Letting go of one can’t be done
No matter who you choose
You will always lose

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