061 – The Pieces of My Life

The pieces of my life like the pieces of a puzzle fitted together
One piece, two pieces, three interlocking to create my reality
Each piece precisely fitted without resistance
Exposing a picture of my existence
Each piece predetermined?
Each piece happenstance?
Each piece coincidental?
Each piece provindential?

But what do you do when you realize that one piece of your life is missing?
The piece that fills the empty space the one between love and happiness
The one you misplaced
What do you do when you lose the very piece
That makes your very being the reason for being?
The piece you found one day and then you let it
Slip away
What do you do with that void the missing piece
That leaves your life without worth, meaning, or purpose?
You pray that somewhere in time it will resurface

In the meantime you persist in your search and dreams
Knowing that your life is not what it seems
A life on hold a life that would cease
As long as you’re living without that missing piece

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