063 – Letting Go

It’s long enough
How long can one wait
For a reply or an answer
That may be too late?

How long must one’s heart be tried
To quench that hurt down deep inside?
How long can one last bringing up
Those memories buried deep in the past?

It’s not easy to let go
It’s not easy to say no
It’s not easy to remember to forget
It’s not easy, yet difficult to tell yourself no

It’s difficult to hold on when all hope
Seems to be gone when wishes and
Dreams are all you relied upon
It’s hard to hold on when one
Doesn’t respond elevating the fear
That one doesn’t care

If the answer is no then please tell me so
If the answer is yes then don’t make me guess
I’ve carried this burden too long in my heart
My heart on my sleeve I long to retrieve

It may be too late, for love won’t wait
I pray that my heart returns to me whole
With or without you, my needs to console
I pray I’ll go on never sighing why
Leaving a postscript of my final good-bye

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