035 – I Am ( A Man’s Lament)

foregiveI am the one that you loved so
I am the one that you cared about.
I am the one that you adored
I am the one that left you at your door

I never turned to see you cry
I never turned to say good-bye
I never turned to watch you go
I never turned to tell you why

I left you there all alone
I left you to wonder what went wrong
I left you to dream of what could have been
I left you with a love buried deep within

I wish you love I did not give
I wish you moments only we can relive
I wish you a life I could not impart
I wish you never again a broken heart

I am the one whose dreams are none
I am the one whose life is on pause
I am the one who orders dinner for one
I am the one who……just because

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