036 – You Forgot to Remember ( A Woman’s lament)

You never saw me cry
You never said good-bye
Not a word was said
Just heaviness in my head

You forgot to remember
(The rains) the colors of September
Our moments of splendor
The days we spent together

Not even a good-bye kiss
To remind me of its bliss
My eyes watched you leave
You never turned to see me grieve

You forgot to remember
Those summer days
That summer haze
Our true love ways

Did I do something wrong?
Is that the reason you left me?
Was I too weak? Too strong?
Am I now a forgotten memory?

You forgot to remember
Sleigh rides in December
The night our love conspired
The warmth of a winter’s fire
Our true hearts’ desires

Will I ever see you again?
Tell me where tell me when
Or if you still have thoughts of me
Or will you only be a part of my memory?

You forgot to remember
My reflection in your eyes
My string around your heart
My lips reserved set apart
Why don’t you remember?

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