028 – Moment To Moment

It’s all about that moment in time
I left while I was still in love
But love never ends because you don’t see each other
It waits for that moment to rediscover

A memory is a beautiful thing
When you don’t have to deal with the past
For a memory is never finished
If love is ever to last
You live a memory over and over in mind
For it reminds you of the love
The love you left behind

Inside a moment you’ll find other moments
Moments of: tears, happiness, sorrow, joy
Moments you hope to recapture
Moments you want to remember
Moments you struggle to forget
Moments where love lives yet

Moment to moment life leads you along
For moments in time are all we’re given
Each moment precious
All worth livin’
Waiting for that moment
When two moments meet again
Forever together
Never-ever to play
The lover’s swan song

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