008 – Moments of Memory

Momensad-love-quotes-people-change-memories-heart-broken-pics-pictures-sayingsts of memory I have but a few
As time presses on my thoughts are on you
Though distance and time have kept us apart
Your youth and your beauty are still in my heart

Moments of memory cling to my being
In time and space it’s you that I’m seeing
Though destiny has left us forever no more
The dreams that I dream I keep them in store

Moments of memory alive in my heart
Visions of a love that will never depart
Secrets we shared are forever eternal
A diary of sorts
A true lover’s journal

Moments of memory keep me deep in sorrow
For days that I wish I could once again borrow
For some say, “Let the past be the past”
But my heart tells a different  tale of one
That will last

Moments of memory grow dim as I write
Knowing that you are no longer in sight
Moments of memory that I choose to save
Will follow me forever to rest in my grave

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