057 – Why?

Why do my tears continue to fall?
Why does my heart never beat?
Why do my dreams come up empty?
Why will our two hearts never meet?

Why does your heart renounce me?
Why do you reject my plea?
Why won’t our two hearts forever blend?
Why doesn’t my heart ever mend?

Why do I hold on to your memory?
Why do I never let go?
Why do the years remind me?
Why do I still love you so?

Why do you reject my gifts from the heart?
Why do you never respond?
Why don’t you surrender for a kiss or two?
Why won’t you let me be the lover you rely upon?

Why does fate deny our love?
Why does destiny refuse to step in?
Why does the world spin as it’s always been?
Why does the sun continue to rise?
Why do the moon and stars continue to shine above?
Why do I fall to my knees and pray?
For everything will remain the same as it is
100 years from today.
“Unless you love someone
Nothing else makes any sense”

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