120 – Summer of ’64

I find it impossible to remember
I find it impossible to forget
Left with only a burning ember
It glows, still within me yet

Hearts that were turned upside-down
Was it all a game?
I still carry it around
A torch with a blue flame

Was the fantasy real
Or was the reality just a fantasy?
Were the moments spent surreal
Or just a passing frenesi?

Where are the hearts that were taken?
Where have they gone?
Will they someday awaken
Or have the seasons moved on?

There may be other summers
Many I am sure, countless numbers
But my heart refuses to let me ignore
The summer of ‘64♥

” Though nothing can bring back
The hour of splendor in the grass
Of glory in the flower
We will grieve not
Rather find strength
In what remains  behind
…Which haven been must ever be”

William Wordsworth

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