034 – Something Happens to You

When the day is bright
One never contemplates the night
Watching the hours pass by with neither a care or a why
But when dusk comes into view
Something happens to you

When the sun begins to set
And the day is left behind
And the moon reflects its shine
And the stars appear out of the blue
Something happens to you

When the moon takes over the night
And you walk alone by the starlight
When the darkness seems eternal
And the sounds of the night are few
Something happens to you

When your thoughts caress the night
And the loneliness stares back in the dark
And your misty eyes blur your sight
And clinging to the night is all you can do
Something happens to you

When the darkness reflects its tranquility
When its peace and serenity settle in
You lie awake and let the night begin
The ticking of the clock and the beating of a lonely heart
The only sound you hear
Waiting for day to appear waiting for the night to recede
For you know in your heart there is nothing you can do
For she has happened to you

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