033 – If Only

Two little words that can lead to regret
Two little words that won’t let you forget
Looking back on your life what would you do
To change the “IF ONLY” into something new?

Would you change the way you looked at love?
Would it stop you from feeling lonely?
Can you honestly say that maybe someday
You would change the “If Only”?

IF ONLY I told her I loved her
IF ONLY I told her I cared
IF ONLY I stayed as we were
Maybe she still would be here.

IF ONLY I was there when she needed me
IF ONLY I had given her my hand
IF ONLY I had opened my eyes to see
But I was too proud to understand

IF ONLY I didn’t walk away
IF ONLY I had called her on the phone
IF ONLY I had the right words to say
Maybe now I wouldn’t be so alone

Sometimes you’re given only that moment in time
To gather your thoughts and make up your mind
What you do with that moment will direct your life
So follow your heart to where it may lead
If not, you just may surrender, you just may concede

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