240 – I am the Poem

I inspire pens to write
I give thoughts that transcend imaginations
I open portals for I am immortal
I capture your
All that’s required
To fulfill your desires

I speak an awaken your broken dreams
I inspire and set hearts on fire
I lead and you follow
I give and you take
I feed and you swallow

I am the words you put to song
Without me you can’t get along
I am the love you fantasize about
I am the romance you can’t live without
I am the emotions that stir your devotions

You give me life
I exist only in you
For I am the poem
But you are the poet
“The poets mind is in fact a receptacle
for seizing and storing up  numberless feelings,
phrases, images which remain there until
the particles which can unite to form a new
compound and are present together”
T.S. Eliot

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