181 – A Prelude to a Poet’s Obituary

A city boy
With city ways
Blue collar parents
With not much to say
Learning the lessons of life
On the street
Where good and evil
Always meet

His friends where his whole world
School never mattered
The bonds they had
Could not be shattered

Fell in love
And to this day
No other love
Has ever come his way

Unlike Frost
He took the road most traveled
Swallowed up
He watched his life unravel

Chose a career
He didn’t plan
Honors and accolades
A successful man

Alone in himself
But never alone
Surrounded by family
He called his own

Lost his manhood
One day in March
But life over death
Was the only way

A Christian man
Never did compromise
You would believe
If you look into his eyes

A compassionate man
But you would never know it
Sensitive and caring
He’d seldom showed it

Waiting the appointed time
For his soul to be awaken
To return home
His earthly life taken

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