011- Doors (The preacher)

The doors in my life
Have somehow been shut
I can’t seem to find the key
Some say I’m in a rut
But no one knows but me

I seek to find a way to enter in
I pray for one to be opened
But I don’t know where to begin
To find one ajar is what I was hopin’
There is little future or hope
When life’s doors are closed
( An existence I never chose)
An aimless and solitary existence
Is all that’s there
The hurting endured is too much to bear

 Some say that God shuts one door and opens another
This may well be for some
There are many chosen to be in his will
While others wait patiently still

The keys to the doors belong to God alone
To open and shut as He wills
We can never enter in on are own
Until trust and faith have been fulfilled

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