027 – Falling in Love

Why does man fall in love?
Why does the heart make it happen?
Why does it tell you to feel that way?
Not to let go
Never caring how much pain or hurting so
It awakens your desires
It stirs your passions
It plays with your thoughts
You long for relief
Your heart tells you no
It tells you to follow
“Let me take you where no man has ever been
A place where love begins”

It leads you on a journey through love’s hidden places:
Love’s other traces
It shows you its beauty
It tells you of its charms
You taste its sweetness
The fragrance of its passion
You touch its essence wrapped in meekness

It lifts you back and tells you why
Love never sleeps
Love never tires
Revealing itself at a moment’s try
Love gives a nudge
Love gives a shove
As it has always been
Love awakens love

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