018 – There’s a Void in My Heart

There’s a place in my heart meant for love
A place reserved for only one
A room prepared by the angels above
The key to which she held alone

A love unlocked, a love overflowing
A love unleashed, a lover’s ember glowing
A love- filled heart only she could satisfy
A love that my heart could never deny

But a romance started maybe a romance departed
Unless the heart’s love is carefully guarded
But when a lover’s heart is destroyed
It leaves an emptiness, an abyss, a primeval void

I opened the door and let her love depart
Dropped the key and shut my heart
Others have tried, while many implored
But the key to my heart remains in the door

There’s a void in my heart no one can fill
Though many have tried to occupy
A door kept locked for eternity
For only she can turn the key

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