006 – The Second Time Around

Many believe that life has one go around
I believed it to be so
Believed that love lost would never be found
and so I lived it as though

Days and nights sunrise and sunsets
Merge as one lives through vanishing
Time never a word spoken a life lived
In mime

Thoughts and dreams come and go
Never to be realized and rightly so
For second chances are made for some but
For the lonely they never seem to come

Memories bring back sorrow and sadness
Never a joy in one’s heart never a
Moment of gladness you think of her
And how it used to be and picture that
A second chance would set your heart

The aroma of perfume the taste of tears
The aura of love that enveloped her
Face in my heart I can never replace
But your thoughts and dreams are
No longer for me they are now
Reserved for another he

A second chance comes with a risk
A stepping out a danger of love
Renewed but love buried can only
Be renewed when it comes between two
A touch of a hand a glance of an eye
A gently spoken word can be found
Making love between two forever
The second time around♥

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1 thought on “006 – The Second Time Around

  1. Anonymous

    How true. I guess the first is for practice, unless you are wise, for love not nurished tends to die, and no longer hand in hand, arm and arm and thigh and thigh. My, my, my what a way to die


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