054 – The Scars of Our Youth

Time won’t let us erase the scars of our youth
The ones we forever replay
The ones we carry the pains of our yesterday
Lasting scars that never go away
Scars of our disappointments, loses, defeats
Scars we never impart
Scars of the heart
Scars of our youth
The ones we need to address.The ones we need to confess.

And although they have become the fingerprints of our hearts
We can never let them destroy, tear apart, or impede,
What love has determined what love has decreed

So don’t let scars harden your heart or take
Away the joy that love can impart
Be diligent in love remaining aware
Not to bring scars into a new love affair
“Scars have a strange power to remind us
That our past is real”
Cormac Mc Carthy
“All the Pretty Horses”

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