133 – The Gift Box

The sound of the bell
Awakens my sleep
I rush to the door
To take a peep

I peeped to see
Nobody there
Returned to bed
Heard knocking instead

I opened to see
What could this be?
A brightly colored gift box
Its wrappings glowing
Its ribbons flowing
It measured 12” by 8” by 5”
I picked it up
Brought it inside

On the card my initials inscribed
With 4 lines of poetry inside
“Open the box and you will see
Things in your life that have to be
Thoughts and regrets you held in the past
Brought to light in your future at last”

I opened the box
Looked inside
Its 4 walls had
Nothing to hide

Placed my hand
Feeling around
Removing things
That I found

An apology long over due
A diamond ring for a special one
A mended heart
A moment frozen in time
A special request
A love meant for only two
One free do- over if I choose

Under the lid
Written in prose
“Once opened
Cannot be closed”

A dream?
Something weird?
I turned around
The box disappeared

Returning to bed
I had this strange sensation
That walking into dreams
Has no explanation

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