023 – The Feminine Touch

The-Feminine-Touch15Man often thinks he can go at it alone
Living in a world unto himself
Never knowing or seeking, reaping what he has sown
Placing all emotions upon the shelf

Going thru existence, emotions in check,void of feelings, locked in a vault
Full of gentleness, kindness, love, humility, and respect
Seeking self- satisfaction, all others at fault

Friends for amusement, always for props
A vicious cycle that never stops
On a merry-go-round, but never a brass ring
Round and round it never stops for anyone or anything.

But when the merry-go-round ride has ended
And it becomes time to step down
He stands alone, No voices, No sounds
Looking around he finds a lifetime of envy
And pride, but no one to share or touch by his side
Never knowing that a man’s fulfillment in life
Doesn’t mean much without the feminine touch
“No man is an island
Entire of itself”
John Donne

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