075 – The Alcoholic

woman-alcoholic-face alcoholic_iStock_0000128645Living is too hard to do
You wake up to a sober moment of reality
After a few hangovers or two

  You deceive yourself into thinking
Everything is OK, but you find it difficult
To get yourself through another day

                    The scent of liquor swirls around your head
Intoxicating thoughts cloud your thinking
Losing control you can’t stop your drinking
At times you wish you were better off dead

             Your spirit screams to be released
You coddle the bottle like an invalid baby
Going to quit? later, sometime, maybe
Your champagne is chilled
Your brain is distilled

                    How does it feel to crawl on the ground?
You battle the voices, but no one’s around
Without the bottle you lack self-control
The demons inside you
Have taken their toll

               You finally hit bottom with nowhere to go
Along with your personal demons in tow
A drink in the night before going to bed
And to think that this is
Where it all has led
You better jump up on the wagon before
You find yourself dead
“Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler,
Whoever is led astray by them is not wise.”
Proverbs (20:1)

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