111 – Taking a Stand

Stand for what is rightWhat is it all about?
What is its meaning?
No one has answered
No one has thought it through

You shut your eyes to the old
Accept only what’s new
You think that you’re in control
And refuse to listen to what’s been told

You cling to things that never last
Relationships one by one
Seeking pleasure while you can
Taking no direction from what has been said
In the past

You say you’re different from ancient man
Your knowledge has set you free
You heed the call of modern man
And together you take a stand

But from Cane to Stalin you never
See how far man has fallen
You say that absolute truths are for the old
And are no longer valid for today
The voice that lives inside your head
Tells you that everything is okay

But death, dear sir, will prove you wrong
For death is the ultimate truth
For truth and life go hand and hand
So be wise, dear sir, with whom you take a stand
Knowing truth brings freedom
John 8:32

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