055b – Pain

webmd_photo_of_pain_relieverWhen distress, hurting, and suffering
Arrive at your door, and enter your life
And the unbearable pain cuts like a knife
Just when it seems that life has
Nothing to remain, and the stress and
Strain are driving you insane, never
Let your life be defined by your pain

Take that drug. Take that pill
Take it as you will
A temporary relief that’s what’s in store
But it always comes back begging for more

You look around as the world spins around
Hoping for a cure, but never for sure
You ask yourself how much a body can endure
Your body filled with searing pain
You groan in anguish, but never complain

No matter what they say or do
No one experiences your pain but you
You bear it and hold it closely inside
Playing the victim is something you never decide

You hope for another future another day
For someone or something to take the pain away
But all of us have our cross to bear
No one is exempt no one is truly free
You begin to understand there is no other plea
Life has worth life has value not to disdain
So never let your life be defined by your pain

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