073 – My September Years

Now that I’ve entered my September years
I look back on my life as memories appear
Long, long lost thoughts of my youth that
(Suddenly) reappear
Memories of my childhood dreams waiting to fulfill
Dreams that will never die bring tears to my tired misty eyes
Memories of my early loves
The friends that still remain
All these thoughts flash across
The recesses of my brain

There are things done that I cannot tell
Secrets that I’ll keep in my heart
To speak of them would be heresy
For only I can tell them apart

I remember the childhood games we played
I remember the friendships we shared
I remember the promises that we made
I remember the times that we dared

I can see the corner candy store
I can see the field of dreams
I can see the faces just as before
But nothing is today as it seems

As I travel back to the place of my youth
How strange the images I see
The ghosts of my youth come ever so near
And timeless thoughts became ever so clear
As I begin to enter my September years
“The things which I have seen
I can now see no more”

William Wordsworth

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