052 – Let Me Take You Back

Let me take you back to where we belong
Back to a place back to the beginning
Come with me to where it all started
Back to the place where the two of us parted

We need to change what Fate has declared
We need to change this destiny we shared
We need to convince the gods up above
That this Fate or destiny can transform our love

We need to persuade each of those in charge
That you are my Venus and I am your Mars
We need to plead to the gods above us
The ones that will the ones that love us
For a second chance to fulfill our romance

If you are willing then take hold of my arm
We’ll renew our destiny to where it may lead
A second destiny a second Fate
It’s there if we want for us it waits
We have to believe that what we have is predetermined
An inevitable love if we want it to be
Just you and I together is all that we need
Just you and I together and we can make it succeed

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