016 – It’s Always You

sweet-love-quotes-its-always-been-youEvery time I fall in love it’s always you
Every time I see a star in the blue it’s always you
Every time I smell the fragrance of spring it’s always you
Every time I hear a melody of celestial strings it’s always you

I never think about others, they have no meaning for me
I’ve taken chances with other romances, but they never seem to be
I’ve known other loves, many passions we have shared
Some asking for much more, more than I could bear

I have witnessed the look in a woman’s eyes
I have heard the longing in a woman’s sigh
I have smelled the fragrance of a woman’s hair
I have experienced the desire of a woman’s gentle care
I have felt the magic of a woman’s touch
But the taste of their kisses never thrilled me much

Every dream I dream it’s always you
Every kiss it seems it’s always you
Every woman I love it’s always you
Oh, how I wish this were only true♥

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  1. barbara
    barbara September 27, 2015 at 1:48 pm | | Reply

    Love them, beautiful and meaningful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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