015 – It Never Crossed My Mind

It never crossed my mind you’d leave me
It never crossed my mind you’d go
I always thought we’d be together
I always thought you loved me so

But now I see that all your charms
Are now being shared in someone else’s arms
I shed a tear when I see you walk by
Holding tightly to the arm of another guy

I would never have thought you’d refer to me
As someone you knew
An acquaintance of sorts
A somebody who

You no longer notice when I see you walk by
Your head in the air a look of defy
Played for a fool  never the wise
A love deceived a clever disguise

I may never understand why you left (for another man)
Was it me?
What did I do?
I haven’t a clue
Someday my heart will find another maybe then
I will discover
The secret of the disenchanted lover

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