085 – Editing Your Life

Where do you begin to splice the events
The occurrences that have shaped your life?
Where do you start? Where do you end?
Or would you do them over again?

Would you want to make a change?
Would you decide to rearrange?
Are there any things you would wish to restore?
And affairs you wish you didn’t ignore?

Would you edit only the bad and not the good or
Would you leave everything as it should?
Are there times you wish you could erase
To make disappear without a trace?
Delete the circumstances
The decisions you have made or left undone
Or would you be satisfied that there are none?

But life is not always as we plan it to be
Our plans may never take us to the very purpose
Of our lives
For our lives sometimes are so blinded that
We never see that the choices that shape
Our reality are the choices that had to be

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