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254 – As Time was Then

Nothing lasts
Just memories of the past
Still hold on
Though all is gone
Nothing again
As time was then

Summers at the beach
No longer in reach
Holding hands
Footprints in the sand

Drive-in movies
Seldom see
Soda and popcorn
Tooting the horn

Music in the park
Till it turned dark
Never A hassle
Burgers at the castle

Dancing at the prom
You on my arm
Too beautiful to see
You belonged to me

But nothing last
Just memories of the past
Those moments of you and me
Times of our mortality
Nothing again
As time was then

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091-Time Lies

Lovers sigh
Hopeless despair
Lovers cry
Eyes tear

Romance dies
No one wins
Unwanted goodbyes
Heartache begins

Open hearts
Tender kisses
Love departs
Forever misses

Wishing star
Dreams fade
Above par
Memories made

Feelings check
Emotions hide
Pleasures wreck
Cursed pride

Vain love
Forever lost
Finding dove
Whatever cost

Destiny never
Eternity alone
Solitude forever
Loneliness sown

Empty seasons
Silent melody
Never reason
No remedy

Time heals
Only those
Time steals
Fate chose

Destiny waits
Time flies
Despondent fate
Time lies

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246 – Love’s Second Chance

I tried to pretend
That our love would never end
No whispers No sounds
But the second time around
Never came around

No second chance
To renew a romance
Hope never satisfied
Disappointments abound
But the second time around
Never came around

I searched high
I searched low
Where ever I’d go
I thought our love would be found
But the second time around
Never came around

I knew
It was only you
That made my heart pound
But the second time around
Never came around

Did I not see?
Was it to be?
I though are love
Knew no bounds
But the second time around
Never came around♥



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247 – Love Gone Wrong

Being in love
Not knowing you’re in love
Never being in love before
Not knowing what’s in store

A heart in conflict
Love tugs
Love pulls
Love takes hold
Lets feelings unfold
Knowing I should stay
I chose to walk away

Spoken words never convey
What a song seems to say
Causing the heart to reminisce
First kiss
“So Much in Love”

The magic of a song
Has been for so long
A reminder for me
Of love gone wrong
In the summer of ’63♥
“Music is the best means we have of
digesting time”
W. H. Auden

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013 – I Was Her Hero

She never said it only the look in her eyes
Told the story of the love she so idolized
It never mattered to her at all
Whether I was rich or poor short or tall
Nothing really mattered but the gleam
In her eyes every time she saw me pass by
The passion and longing she kept inside
Never revealing her true desires
Our two worlds would never coincide
For fate is sometimes funny that way
For heroes come and go in a young girl’s heart
But that’s what makes a girl a woman
And that’s how a man tells them apart

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072 – My Magic Wand

Life would be enchanting
If I could wave my magic wand
One wave one magical word
All of  life’s troubles would be gone

If only I could pull the string that
Lights up the sky
I’d stretch my arms to
The heavens above to
Catch you dancing by

If I could have Alladin’s lamp
For just one day
And granted three wishes
I know what I would say
All three wishes would be identical
Every word the same
Each wish beginning and ending with your name

And when I wish on that wishing star
Somewhere in the blue
The wish I wished for
Would always be you

If I could wave my magic wand
And turn the world up-side down
Nothing would be the same as it seems
I would say those magic words
And you would step out of my dreams♥

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113 – My Fairy Tale

A children’s book
A children’s fantasy
For that’s all it took
To awaken a child’s imagery

Turn the pages now tainted in yellow
Yesterday’s dreams slowly starting to mellow
Life was all to simple then
Losing oneself in a world of pretend

 Years take away those childish ways
Leaving one to ponder the worries of the day
With only fate leading one as it may
Leaving no time for childish play

Although those days are gone
The fantasy still lives on
Fresh anew in your  eyes of blue
For you have awaken the child within me
Those feelings I never outgrew
And it was you and you alone
Who has made my fairy tale come true♥

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159 – Mortal Love

Love is never eternal
Love is never forever
Only forever mortal
Meant for only each day
No matter what the poets say

Days slip into years
The years unwind
Too many find themselves
Leaving love behind

The tick tock of the clock
Can’t stop the sand from
Slipping through our hands
Soon it will be spent
And we’ll find ourselves
Running out of life
“No love can be endless
Because no life is endless”
Mehmet Murat ildon

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