032 – A Short Note to ______ (A Love Story)

I hated myself for the letting you go
I walked out of your life loving you so
A love too mature I couldn’t endure
Why I couldn’t look back I’ll never know
Your love was too strong and I was too weak
In love’s competition I could not compete
With commitment, compassion, jealousy, desire
All of these things that your love inspired
Please forgive me for being so weak
When it came to love I was too meek
I wish you all the things I couldn’t give
With love and happiness for as long as you live

The Lover’s Reply

Oh, you foolish lover you foolish man
How can I ever make you understand?
For my love you do not need to compete
It was you and you alone that made my heart beat
I loved your meekness, kindness, and gentle ways
I long to hold on to them the rest of my days
Yes, I forgive you and I always will
For you and you alone can make my heart stand still
I know my heart will miss you if you never look back
But take with you this memory I wrote this day
May it remain in your heart as you go your way
But if you decide it’s my love that you need
Then hurry back and we’ll make it succeed

A Lover’s Response

Never once did I doubt your love for me
It was I that doubted my love for you
A doubt that was based on my insecurity
To hold onto your love as I wanted to
It hurts me deeply to leave you behind
A decision that someday may haunt my mind
But my hurt will never compare with the hurt you feel
Your love for me so deep and real
I mustn’t look back I have to move on
Your words I will keep in my heart while I am gone
Perhaps when all my wandering ways are done
If you’ll have me back then we shall be one
“I love you the more in that I believe
You had liked me for my own sake
And for nothing else”
John Keats

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