070 – A Field of Flowers

imagesShe strolls among the field of flowers
Their beauty shining through each
Explosion of color that radiate a vibrant
Display as if to say, “We are here for you.”

Each blossom turns to see her pass

Each Orange Blossom, each Red Hibiscus
Each Black Eyed Susan stares in veneration

Each Pink Carnation, each Sunflower
Each Red Clover gazes in complete adoration

Every Purple Lilac, every Magnolia
Every Blue Bonnet begins to smile

Every Butterfly Violet, every Yellow Jasmine
Every Golden Poppy beg her to stay awhile

They bow their pedals in majestic awe.
As she passes each one in a row
They watch and stare like a lover’s prayer
As she touches each flower so

And  as she leaves drops of dew gently start to fall
Every pedal closes spreading its tiny pall
And through the silence, that stillness, that quiet spot
She can hear their whispers,” Forget Me Not”

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you,
I could walk in my garden forever”.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

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