242 – Some Thoughts on Dying(The Preacher)

No one counts the days
No one counts the ways
Before they grieve
What do you believe?
Do you?

Die in regret
Have done
Haven’t yet

Die in fear
Not knowing what lies ahead
Where do you go?
How do you get there?

Die in denial
You take the position in opposition
Don’t take about dying
Continue denying

Die self-sufficient
I did it my way
That’s all I’ll say

Die in change
Thinking that resolutions
Could provide the solutions

Die in faith
There’s no debate
Live in faith
Die in faith
Talking about dying
Is a social taboo
But how you look at dying
Depends on your point of view
“Every man must do two things alone;
he must do his own believing and his own dying”
Martin Luther

Ari Moriendi (c1415)
The Art of Dying


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