236 – Social Pressure

Must I pretend to satisfy your end
Must I
play along

Why is there no dialog?
Why remain silent?
You say it’s best
If I follow the rest

Why label me ?
Tell me what I’m not
For the disguise I see
Is part of the plot

You expect obedience
Follow along
To disagree
Is deemed wrong

You play my conscience
Hoping to subdue
To follow your conscience
I’m told to do

You turn truth into lies
And lies into truth
You cleverly deceive
To make me believe

You attempt to entrap me
With your double talk
Then expect me to walk the walk
You thought you could decide
What you wanted me to be
You completely underestimated
The power of me
“Ultimately the only power to which man should aspire
Is that which he exercises over himself”
Elie Weisel

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