235 – Random Thoughts on Faith(The Preacher)

Why do some people think that faith is
Just name it and claim it

Why do some people see faith only as a
Wish list

Why do some know and then believe
While others believe and then know

Why do some put faith in creation
While others put their faith in speculation

Why do some believe in blind faith
And then hope for the best

Why do some not believe in blind faith
Yet have no concept of what faith is

Why do they tell us in times of heartache
That we don’t have enough faith

Why do some have faith in what they see
But have no faith in what is not seen

Why is it hard to explain
Why some find faith through pain

Why does true faith come
Under persecution

Why is it hard to believe
And difficult to conceive
That you have to have faith
In order to test your faith
“Faith is a passionate Intuition”
William Wordsworth

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