195 – Can’t We Start Over Again

Can we start over again?
Go back to remember when
You were in love
I was your all
With you on my arm
I was ten feet tall
We played love’s games
Like young lovers do
Looking to discover
How to kindle the flames

It’s been too many years
Too many tears
We’ve passed the age
I have never forgotten
But life has changed me
In so many ways
Can we ever rekindle
And bring back those days?

We need to collect those years in between
And cherish those moments we have seen
We need to store them in our hearts
There to remain as we make a new start
Two separate lives together again
Eye to eye
Sigh to sigh
Thigh to thigh
Never to wonder why
A kiss on the lips
Will gently awaken
The love that was hidden
Ours for the taken♄
“Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips”
Percy Shelly

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