188 – How Dull the Ear (Verity)

ear let him hearThe ear touches the heart
The heart inspires the mind
Often you find
The ear can’t define
The eye becomes blind

Truth like water
Cascades gently down
Flows like a river
Awakening the ground

The ear can’t hear
What the truth has said
There’s no lull to the truth
The ear is dull?
The ear is dead?

Flavors of dull that infect the ear
Muffles what you hear

The drip drip drip of the truth
The drop drop drop of the clog
The beat beat beat of the heart
The mute mute mute of the mind

Truth like water flows
To all it has chose
Its message is clear
Open your ear
If you choose to hear

For hard truth sets you free from
Ignorance and deception

“Better to get hurt by the truth
Than comforted with a lie”
Khaled Hosseini

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