234 – The Swamp People ( An Allegory)

Crawling out of the muck and mire
Wearing only condescending attire
Emerged 7 creatures with evil eyes of fire
Swearing to bring down the elected hire

I heard one creature utter verbal assaults
I heard another utter verbal accusations
The third creature screaming,” It’s your fault”
The forth replied,” We need no other explanation”
I saw another spitting and swearing
One creature continued to scoff and mock yelling,
“Heads will roll off the chopping block”

The last creature appeared
Wearing a sheep’s disguise
Shouting verbal persecutions
Waiting for the prince of lies to arrive
Looking at the moon yelling,
“Soon! Soon! Soon!”

As I gazed back at the swamp
With tribulation and fear
A pair of horns
Suddenly appeared

I ran to a church
Climbed the steeple
And with a loud cry,
“Who is able to stop these swamp people?”

The elected hire spoke,
“I don’t shrink back to destruction”
“I won’t remain silent”
“I won’t sit back if you become violent”
You continue in your lies
Just as before
To blind to realize
That the judge is waiting at the door
Ad hominem(to the man)
Why do you attack the man
And not his words?

“They  sharpen their tongues as a serpent;
Poison of a viper is under their lips”
Psalm (140:3)

“By your words you shall be justified,
And by your words you shall be condemned”

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