232 – A Poet’s Random Thoughts

Why is a child seen but not heard?
Never allowed to speak a word

Like a bird in the hand
What is life worth?
Why do some deny birth?

Why are fifties’ values scorned?
Yet today’s values are torn

Are woman like men?
Are men like woman?
Culture aside
Biology applied

Why do they discredit housewives?
Because they choose how to live their lives

What is the difference between Betty and Bryon?
Why is one labeled a predator the other a siren?

No need to go to a university
To learn the meaning of diversity
But in life’s community
You have to have unity

Why does society judge a book by its cover?
And defends its right
Even after the truth comes to light

Why do proud people see only themselves?
And love to talk over you
To justify their own view

“Fools have no reason in  understanding
They only want to air their own opinion”
Proverbs 18:2

Why do wise people know their limitations?
And never go beyond their expectations
“There were three kids in my family
One of each sex”
Henny Youngman
How prophetic!
“Jesters do often prove prophets”
William Shakespeare
King Lear










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