094 – Home

When the night blankets the day
The silence and the stillness echo beyond the stars
That take me on my journey
A yearning for a returning where my dreams carry me home
I need no road map
I need no guide
For I travel on memories forever hidden inside
They always lead to where I’ve been
A direction I have locked within

I arrive at the place where my life began
Back to a time of innocence a time of joy
The time I spent in childhood while a boy
I witness the aspirations of my youth
The things I had once thought and said
I ponder the things that might have been
If only I had listened instead

I follow the footsteps that lead me to see
That life isn’t always what you planned it to be
For life is full of  empty dreams
And things are not always what they seem
I see the years slipping by
The void that gnaws deep in side
And the loneliness that walks close by my side

But I do fine compassion warmth and the love in the hearts
Of my friends
The dreams of home that will never end
And as the day breaks and the world awakes
I wait for the cover of darkness
To take me home again
“Where we love is home-
Home that our feet may leave
But not our hearts”
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

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