086 – Black Beads (The Preacher)

Every string of black beads one must conclude
Carries a petition of prayer that many bear
One black bead following another until at last
Each bead has been cast

One large bead held tightly in hand
Praying that God would understand
Waiting to see
If He would answer their prayers

Ten small beads in just a fraction
Setting off a chain reaction
Carrying a petition through the air
A pleasant odor of incense
Into the heavenly atmosphere
Falling to His feet
Resting at the mercy seat

There are:
Beads for happiness
Beads for love
Beads for health
Beads for wealth
Beads for a bright tomorrow
Beads to take away sorrow
Beads carried by the wind
Beads to cover one’s sin

But beads are only beads
And are soon dropped back to earth
Broken and shattered having no worth
For one’s petition needs only one condition
To be in His will before He will ever listen

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