082- Darkness Reigns

Darkness descends
Night begins
Closed doors
Saintly sins

Moon abate
Glossy eyes
Man believes
Devil lies

Spirits roam
Somber thoughts
Spiritual war
Battle fought

Hours fade
Unclean hands
Sexual immorality
Nightly stand

Gratify desires
Evil holds
Body sacrifice
Debauchery enfolds

Tainted hearts
Not ashamed
Guiltless minds
Others blame

Selfish wants
Forever owed
Needs met
Never sowed

Envy rules
Sour grapes
Others covet
Morals rape

Lust abound
Hearts exploded
Senses unchecked
Times imploded

Darkness reigns
Devils light
Man’s indiscretions
Never right
“He made darkness his covering,
his canopy around him,
thick clouds dark with water” Ps(18:11)

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