065 – A letter to_____

How can words ever explain how
I truly feel inside
Words cannot express nor words describe
A love I tried, but failed to hide
For words have no meaning without emotion
They play to the heart
A true lover’s devotion

It’s a tragedy not to love
Or not to give love in return
But worst of all
To love and not to be loved in return
This I have learned
I fell in love just once and it had to be you
The only real love in my life I did not pursue

Too many years wasted
Too many tears tasted
Too many days cut out
Too many nights gone without

If only I could have seen you
Walking down the aisle
Beautiful in white
If only I could have seen you
Holding our child
Smiling with delight

But fate was never on our side
And destiny was our enemy
And although we may never see tomorrow
No regrets, no pain, no sorrow

And although we may never see forever
And never say never is never-ever
I will always cling to what could have been
Comforted by the love that lies within♄

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