026 – What is Love?

I’m back where I started
Alone with my thoughts
How can it be
That love runs so deep?
So deeply hidden inside
Where only love can abide
Love takes control and won’t let go
You don’t ask for it
You can’t stop it
It captures your  being as history has shown
It tears at the heart
It bites to the bone
It’s impossible to touch it
You can’t capture its essence
Sometimes its fleeting a wink of an eye
Sometimes it lingers leaving only a why
It causes hurt
It causes pain
Poets write of it
Love songs tell of it
Imaginations hold on to it
Embedded in the soul
A lover’s refrain
When it arrives no longer hidden
A love locked inside no longer forbidden
It reaches the heart carefully seeding
Watered with tears its growth exceeding
It blossoms
It flowers
It explodes into view
It shouts from the mountain tops
It echoes cross the valleys
One it arrives it never stops
Sudden sallies!
Words can never describe it
Do not attempt to try
For life is empty without it
Yet, no one can tell you why♥
“Who is wise in love,
Love must,
Say least”
Alfred Lord Tennyson

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